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As a teacher you have probably wondered how you can stop trading time for money and escape the current teaching burnout train you are on.
A digital course is the answer. In this free guide we give you quick and actionable steps so that you can get started on creating a digital course that will fill your life with time, freedom and income without trading all of those hours for a few Dollars while teaching back-to-back lessons, all day, every day. 

How Teachers are Great Course Creators


You inherently know how to teach already. It is what you do, it’s what you are good at and what you specialize in. As a teacher you more than likely already have some teaching experience, whether in the classroom or online. 


You already have skills, knowledge, and expertise that can be turned into an online digital course. The beauty of a digital course is that you can teach just about anything from horse riding, knitting, yoga, reading and languages to science, astrology, or biology. The sky is the limit.


You are creative, adaptive, and resilient.
During the pandemic teachers were pushed to learn new skills and make massive pivots to shift from offline to online education all while facing massive pay cuts and being burnt out to their core. Teachers know how to adapt, evolve and pivot. 

Meet Jonel

Since Learning how to Package my Skills and Knowledge into a Digital Course, I have:

  • Stopped trading my time for $20 or less per hour and now make over $200 per hour.
  • Shifted away from teaching 1-on-1 lessons and now take on cohorts of students who I teach through courses and programs.
  • I say NO to students who drain me and only work with students who light me up and fill my cup.
  • I have helped 100's of teachers claim back their power and freedom through courses.
  • Developed a step-by-step system to help teachers craft an irresistible course that can actually SELL.

And now I am so excited to teach you how you can do it too!

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