Virlingo Launch Academy

Virlingo Launch Academy is a one-of-a-kind program designed to help you as a teacher create and launch your own online course using your unique skills, knowledge and passion as a teacher. 

We know that this is your moment as a teacher because you are...

A teacher who loves impacting the lives of her students, but are looking for a more fulfilling and sustainable way to impact them while earning an income you deserve.

Burnt out from teaching back-to-back lessons all day, every day and you crave more freedom, flexibility and time. 

A teacher who has her own students and now you want to automate your teaching so that you can step away from actively teaching the lessons and instead spend your time in other parts of your business to help you grow and scale. 

You DO NOT have to teach more hours to generate more income and have a bigger impact. You can stop trading your time for money and trade value for money instead. You'll be able to impact students right across the world while having no ceiling on your earnings, creativity and freedom. 

Thinking about what you will actually learn?

Here's what Virlingo Launch Academy will transform and help you with in your life as a teacher:


You will learn how to take identify the skills, knowledge and expertise that you already have as an educator and package that into an irresistible and compelling online course that can be created once and sold on repeat for years to come. An online course that has the potential to sell while you sleep and bring in thousands of dollars in revenue without you having to step a foot inside a classroom ever again if that is what you desire. 


You will learn key messaging that you should use in your marketing and content that helps you connect with your ideal student and in turn leads to stronger connections and more sales within your business. We will practice content creation, emails, scripting and copywriting to help you nail your messaging and create powerful relationships as a result of it. 


Building an audience of ready-to-buy leads. List building or lead generation is a vital part of any online business success and in VLA we focus heavily on free (organic) methods of building your database of potential students with ease and confidence so that you can launch your course to students who are ready to invest. 


Launching your course successfully and making sales. VLA is a launch-focussed course that will show you how to launch your course and fill it with paying students. A launch has many moving parts, but with our step-by-step instruction you can't get it wrong. You'll be guided from the very first step right through your launch to ensure everything is done right and that you have the highest chance of success. We even show up and support you!


Essential biz tech and set up. Tech is overwhelming, we get it! That is why in VLA we have carefully crafted every tech lesson in a way where you can play, pause, implement and repeat. We have templates and resources to help you completely avoid tech overwhelm. Tech is important in an online business to help you scale your income and automate your business to have more freedom. Tech is amazing and in VLA we make it easy and doable. 

How to run a successful, thriving, sustainable and profitable online teaching business. We cover all of the know-how, skills, method, strategies and techniques that will help you build a business that you are obsessed with. A business that will change the way you live your life forever. 


Jonel has taken me by the hand and lead the through the process step-by-step of exactly what I need to do. There is no way that I could have done what I have done by myself and without her help and without her guidance. I cannot recommend working with Jonel and with Virlingo enough. It is incredible and she has completely changed my life. If you're on the fence about joining this course, I say do it. It's the best investment in yourself that you will ever make. - Heather (Camera Confidence Coach)

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